Restorex Water Damage Restoration Case Studies

Restorex Water Damage Restoration Case Studies

Read about how the Restorex team has helped customers with water damage restoration in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.



Case Studies to show how Restorex can help you with Water Damage Restoration and Insurance Claims

These water damage case studies can help homeowners and commercial property owners how to navigate significant water damage and how the insurance claim process works.  These case studies have been written to help show case different ways property owners experience significant water damage and how to walk through the water remediation process and then eventually the restoration of the property.
Our Restorex team are professionals at helping our clients recover from water damage and to navigate the complicated insurance claim process.  We have helped all types of property owners with insurance claims from individual home owners, public schools, car dealerships, assisted living facilities, light commercial property owners, apartment complexes, etc.  There is not a building or structure we haven’t restored.
Below are links to our Case Studies.  We hope these can helped property owners understand the water damage mitigation process and how Restorex can help them walk through the insurance claims Process.


Flooded Basement caused by Burst Pipe Indianapolis Indiana

This is a real-world basement flood caused by a burst pipe near Indianapolis, Indiana.

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