Water Cleanup is a restoration service that is necessary, when you experience water damage.

During a water restoration process, Water removal is the first step.  Restorex has several different ways to remove water from properties and we have the proper extraction equipment to help you remove the unwanted water in your home or business.


We are able to extract water from homes or businesses using a combination of pumps and vacuums.  When the water level is about a couple of inches, for instance in a basement, then a submersible pump is required to remove the water.

But when the water level only rises to the top of the carpet, then we need to use a vacuum extraction unit in order to remove the water.  We use a Hydro-X water extractor to remove water in carpet and pad.

Flooded crawl spaces require a different type of vacuum.  We have built an extraction trailer to remove water from crawl spaces.  This unit uses a traditional truck mounted vacuum to provide the suction and then dumps the water into a 300 gallon storage tank.  This helps us if we accidentally remove solids while removing the water.


Restorex Disaster Restoration has completed lots of residential water cleanup projects for our customers over the years.  We have a lot of experience helping our customers navigate the insurance claims process and making sure that their water damage is properly remediated and repaired.

We have worked in all types of homes and know how the insurance coverage works in all scenarios.  Whether you are a renter, property manager, home owner or other professional that is responding to a water cleanup project, we are able to help you understand and respond to your water damage.


Restorex has worked in many different commercial settings.  Our goal is to make the cleanup process as comfortable as possible for the business or tenants that have been inconvenienced by the commercial water damage.  We have completed water mitigation projects for the following types of properties:

  • Business Office
  • Church
  • Daycare
  • School
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Commercial Building



After water removal, usually we will have to use water restoration equipment to remove the remaining moisture.  Standard equipment includes low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers, air movers, electric heaters, oil fired heaters and drying desiccants.

All our water damage equipment can be scaled to fit your water restoration project.



Insurance coverage can be overwhelming at times and we can help you understand and navigate it.  We have written articles to help teach people about insurance for water damage claims.  Learn more about water cleanup insurance coverage below:




Sewage water cleanups are considered Category 3 in the water damage restoration industry.  Category 3 water, originates from some kind of drain line from your home.  Common areas for sewage water to enter your home is through a trash pump, typically in a basement, a broken drain line in a crawl space, toilet overflowing or a drain back up (typically in a basement).

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