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Restorex Disaster Restoration is a water mitigation company that provides water and fire damage restoration services to Indianapolis.

We specialize in working with our customer’s insurance companies to get the cleanup and repairs covered. We personally navigate our customers through the complicated insurance claims process.
If you are experiencing a water damage emergency give us a Call 317-315-5071.

Common Water Damage Insurance Questions?



Restorex can help you with many different water restoration services in Indianapolis Indiana.

We also work with many reputable licensed plumbers in Indianapolis if you need a referral to help with a plumbing issue that has caused significant water damage.

Indianapolis Indiana, can be prone to flooding because of the heavy rainfalls in the spring and fall. If it rains more than 2 inches in an hour, many basements begin experiencing flooding because the sump pump systems cannot keep up with the amount of water pressure on the basement foundation walls.

Restorex specializes in water damage cleanups in basements. A lot of residential homes in Indianapolis have finished basements that include carpet, pad, drywall, baseboards, and cabinets.

When a sump pump systems back up the entire basement can have up to 1 to 2 inches of standing water which affects all of these building materials. If the water damage is not properly cleaned up, then there is the potential of secondary damage including rot, decay, and mold.

Indianapolis can also experience very cold winters which can cause burst pipes. When the outside temperatures decrease below freezing, 32 Degrees Fahrenheit, there is the opportunity for water supply lines to freeze. When the water pipes freeze they will expand causing the pipe to burst. Then once the frozen water thaws out the water will begin to flow causing lots of water damage.


The emergency services we can provide for water damage cleanups include:

  • Standing Water Removal
  • Removals
  • Structural Drying
  • Repairs


Standing Water Removal

The initial phase of any water restoration job is to remove any standing water in the property. We use a variety of pumps and vacuums to remove the water from carpet, pad, concrete floors, basements and crawl spaces.
After the standing water is removed, it is necessary to dry the building materials that were wet from the water damage. If the building materials are not dried back to their original moisture content, then there is the potential for mold growth to occur.


In any water damage property, there are some building materials that will not dry out or it is not cost effective to dry them out. During this phase we will determine what should be removed in order to make the drying process quicker.
Examples of Building materials that can be removed are carpet and pad, laminate click lock flooring, vinyl flooring, solid hardwood flooring, drywall, insulation, cabinets and baseboards. Every property is different and has unique reasons for determining what is removed before beginning the dryout.

Structural Drying

During the drying phase, we will bring in dehumidifiers, fans and different types of heaters to remove the remaining water out of the building. This process can last between 3 to 5 days. If a structure has been wet for a really long time, then it may take up to 7 days to return the building to its original moisture content.


After the building is dried out, we can begin to make the necessary water damage repairs. We are able to repair a property from start to finish. We have experience working with all varieties of building materials and have the knowledge, resources and connections to ensure your property will be returned to its pre-loss conditions.


Our team seeks to give our customer’s the best possible experience during a very stressful situation. We hope to give our customers the facts and information they need to make informed decisions regarding the properties.

The team has the skills and experience to help navigate any of our customers through a water damage restoration process. We also have the knowledge and experience to work with property owners and their insurance companies to ensure the restoration costs are covered.

If there are services that will not be covered by an insurance company, we try hard to explain these to our customers upfront, before we begin the water cleanup process.


Restorex is able to serve residential and commercial customers experiencing water damage at their properties. Restorex is an IICRC Certified Restoration Company and has experience working in all types of buildings and structures as well as working with many types of property owners.

Types of Properties:

  • Multifamily Apartment Buildings
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Light Commercial Offices
  • Schools
  • Large Residential Homes
  • Residential Homes
  • Rental Properties
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Car Dealerships

Restorex is able to overcome any obstacle a property owner may experience during a water disaster. Each customer has a unique set of circumstances that we take into consideration when we begin our emergency restoration services.
Business owners especially need special considerations to ensure they can continue to operate their businesses while their buildings are being mitigated from water damage.
We take special care to work around businesses operating hours if necessary, to ensure that a business is disrupted the least amount possible.


During a significant weather event there can be a surge of customers experiencing significant water damage and restoration companies can be overwhelmed with work due to storm damage, flooded basements or frozen burst pipes.

Restorex tries to manage its schedule to ensure that every customer is getting the attention they deserve. We want to make sure to properly communicate with all of our customers and make sure they are staying informed on their property, insurance claim and the repair process.

Being a small local restoration company, we are very accessible to our customers and are attentive to their specific needs.

If you need help with water damage restoration in the local Indianapolis area give us a call 317.315.5071.

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