Renters Insurance Water Damage

Renters insurance does cover water damage…. but normally only for the renter’s personal possessions. This includes furniture, electronics etc. The property owner’s insurance company will pay for the water damage that has affected the structure to include the floors, walls, and ceilings.

As a property owner it is important to get an understanding of 2 key things before you place a water damage insurance claim:
· Is the Water Damage “Accidental and all of Sudden”?
· Where did the water come from? What was the Source?

These are 2 critical items to know before you call the insurance company. A water damage professional is one of the best people to call to inspect and assess to answer these questions.

Learn the 3 Secrets You Should Know Before Placing an Insurance Claim

Is the Water Damage “Accidental and all of Sudden”?

When a property has a renter, this question can be really important when the insurance company is determining insurance coverage…. Mostly they are looking to see if the “renter” or “tenant” was negligent in maintaining the conditions of the property.

One of the more common circumstances, is if the renter did heat the property during the wintertime, which leads to frozen and burst water pipes.

Where did the water come from? What was the Source?

The source of the water damage is also really important when placing as water damage insurance claim.

Broken pipes, burst pipes and frozen pipes are common sources of water damage and are also covered in most homeowner’s insurance policies.

Learn about the Categories of Water Damage Insurance Coverage
Other scenarios can have limited coverage such as a drain backup or sump pump backup in a flooded basement.

We always recommend having a water damage professional or a licensed plumber come out early in the process.

Scheduling a water damage professional to do an on-site inspection and assessment, can help a property owner get their “facts” straight before they call their insurance company.

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