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Restorex Disaster Restoration is a local water damage company that specializes in water damage Insurance Claims in Carmel.
Our team are experts in water damage restoration and have over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. We provide all our water mitigation and restoration services to customers in Carmel Indiana.

If you need to hire a professional water restoration company for your home or business in Carmel Indiana give us a call (317) 792-5987.

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Restorex can help you with these emergency water damage services:

Joseph Farrell
Joseph Farrell
22. April, 2022.
Restorex was quick to come out after our sump pump float failed to engage the pump. They ran a machine over the basement carpet to try to pull the water out and into the sump pit after the pump was working. Afterwards, they installed about 20 fans and 2 large dehumidifiers for 3 days to continue to dry out the carpet. Very friendly and easy to talk to guys.
16. April, 2022.
Corbin was very informitive, was also very pproffesional and curtious with me each time we spoke or visited. I felt he went above expectations on the entire task at hand. Corbin handled the entire project start to finish and offered additional suggestion along the way to better my problem with the mold. He handled a roof and deck replacement along with remaining mold remediation. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMEND RESTOREX SHOULD I EVER NEED IN THE FUTURE, THANKS CORBIN! Restorex and Corbin is what services should be. Dan O
Brandon Sanders
Brandon Sanders
8. March, 2022.
Corbin, Terry and the crew went above and beyond to make our worst nightmare turn into a dream come true. We purchased a house in Oct 2021 and 2 hours after closing we had a fire. They were quick to come out and start the process of making our home better than before ! They were very kind and hard working , never hesitated to answer any of our questions or concerns and walked us through the process and even took some matters in their own hands ! As first home owners and our first fire, things were scary, confusing and very stressful! But thanks to them they made the process easy and worked very hard to get us into our home ! They even went out of their way to help get our appliance in the home and hooked up which wasn’t expected of them ! They still are responsive and quick to help ! I highly recommend reaching out if you’re in need of amazing work and want nice and respectful crew ! Super clean work and overall amazing people ! I couldn’t thank them enough !
Terry Sprow
Terry Sprow
22. February, 2022.
Corbin spent 20 minutes on the phone with us yesterday trying to diagnose a leak situation behind a load bearing wall. He was extremely patient with us while asking us just the right questions to sufficiently solve our problem without even coming to our house. I would not hesitate to call him again or recommend him and his business! He knows his stuff!!
Alicia Parrish
Alicia Parrish
20. February, 2022.
Jessica Goebel
Jessica Goebel
7. February, 2022.
Brian and his crew were Awesome!!! Brian went above and beyond to get our claim covered… It was a long process but Brian was very smart and new all the ins and outs to dealing with Insurance and was very communitive on all aspects!! We would gladly use them again. The guys worked quick and everything turned out great! Very happy!
Eric Kingen
Eric Kingen
28. December, 2021.
The Restore X team was extremely quick to respond. They were on site that day and had our disaster cleaned up within 24 hours. Terry and Corbin worked with all necessary subcontractors as well as my insurance company to keep the process moving along quickly and smoothly. Very grateful for their prompt response, professionalism, and expertise.
Wendy Hickson
Wendy Hickson
28. December, 2021.
When our sump pump, back-up, and water sensor alarm all failed, and we ended up with water in our basement, we did a Google search and are so happy that we found Restorex! Corbin took my call late on Sunday night and came to our house first thing on Monday morning to assess and make a plan. His crew was out within an hour and immediately got started on getting the carpet removed and their equipment in place to dry everything out. They were all so nice and polite and worked very hard and efficiently. They made a situation no one wants to deal with as pleasant and painless as possible. Hopefully, we never have another flooding situation, but if we do, I will absolutely call them again!
Nathan F
Nathan F
20. November, 2021.
Brian G. was amazing at inspecting our rental unit crawl space. We had some standing water concerns and weren’t sure if it had caused damage, needed some repairs, or was okay. He provided some great advice on steps to take next. I was pleased Restorex doesn’t try to upsell, and has our best interest in mind. Will definitely use them again!
Mike Eickhoff
Mike Eickhoff
4. November, 2021.
Brian Granger and his crew are top notch! We have known him for a couple of years and already liked and respected him. When we had a major water leak he was the one we knew to call and were not disappointed.


Restorex works with many customers in the Carmel area who are experiencing water damage from different sources.

The common sources of water damage include:

  • Flooded Basements from sump failure
  • Hot water heater leaking
  • Frozen or burst pipe
  • A leaking toilet
  • Leaking dishwasher in the kitchen
  • Drain back up in the basement
  • Water damaged ceilings from a water pipe
  • Broken water supply line in the bathroom
  • Washing machine overflowing in a laundry room
  • Flooded crawl space from broken copper pipe
  • Sink overflowing onto the kitchen floor
  • Refrigerator water line leaking

Anytime a home or business owner has a water damage disaster the first thing on their mind is how much is this damage going to cost and is my insurance company going to help my pay for the damage.

Our team specializes in helping customers understand the scope of their water damage and help them make informed decisions on how and when to get their insurance companies involved. If an insurance claim makes sense for the property owner, we assist our customers through the claims process while also providing emergency water mitigation services to their property.


Carmel, Indiana can experience heavy storms that can cause lots of storm damage to local properties. In the spring and fall, strong winds and heavy rains can cause basements to flood and sump pump systems to fail.

Typically, when it rains over 2 inches in an hour there can be a lot of property owners who will experience issues with their basements. Also when the storms cause damage to the power lines, the sump pumps are not able to remove the water from the foundation walls, and the water is forced to the point of least resistance.

Carmel can also experience extremely cold temperatures that can cause many property owners to have frozen or burst water pipes. When the temperatures drop below 10 degrees Fahrenheit there tend to be property owners that have burst pipes because of the cold temperatures.


Water damage insurance claims in Carmel can be difficult to understand if you have never filed a claim in the past. Restorex will take the necessary time to properly inform all our customers of the process and to help guide them throughout the process. Water damage is covered under most property insurance policies.

The technicalities of the insurance coverage are not always as simple as a homeowner would like. Restorex has experience working with all insurance companies and insurance adjusters. We can help our customers better understand their insurance coverage and policies, so they know what to expect during a water damage restoration process.

For instance, if water entered a home through a window, wall, or door, this is normally considered to be flooding conditions and most insurance policies exclude this type of water damage. This occurs when there are excess rains or storms in the area and water penetrates the home from the outside.

But, if the water came into the basement through the sump pump system, this is considered to be a sump backup or failure. This a covered item with insurance providers who provide sump backup or drain backup coverage in their policies.

**One side note – sump pump backup coverage can be limited to $5,000 – $10,000. If you own a home with a finished basement it is good to have the proper coverage in case of a sump pump failure. We recommend all homeowners verify their coverages with their Insurance Agent each year to make sure these items are included in their policy.


The water damage restoration process can be simply described in 3 steps.

  1. Water Damage Inspection
  2. Water Mitigation Services
  3. Repairs or Restoration

Water Damage Inspection in Carmel, Indiana

The initial inspection helps our team understand how much water has affected the property and determine the best course of action to recommend to the property owner. Every property has its own unique circumstance and challenges, so we like to take the time to discuss in detail with the home or business owner before we begin the water mitigation services.

During the inspection, we use several different moisture meters and thermal imaging to determine how much of the property has been affected by the water. After determining the amount of water damage, we can begin to discuss the next steps of the process.

Water Mitigation Services in Carmel, Indiana

The water mitigation is the process of getting the property properly dried and cleaned after a water disaster. Any building materials that cannot be properly dried or returned to their original condition will be removed and the remaining parts of the structure will be dried using water damage drying equipment.

This includes a combination of low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers, air movers, and heaters. The drying equipment will remove the excess moisture from the property so that there is not any secondary damage.

Carmel Repairs or Restoration

After the structural drying is complete, the repair process can begin.

Now, if there is an insurance claim being processed there can be a delay between the water mitigation and the repairs. This can be a couple of months depending on the severity of the water damage. We usually tell our customers to get as comfortable as possible during these times. We are not in control a lot of the time when it comes to getting estimates finalized and settled with the insurance adjusters.

The repairs include putting the property back together as before, with like a king, and like quality products and materials. The insurance company will evaluate how the materials cost in today’s dollars to replace the water-damaged building materials. Again, this can be a slow process at times.

If you are experiencing a water damage emergency in Carmel Indiana and need a local water damage professional to help, give us a call (317) 792-5987.

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