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Restorex Disaster Restoration is a local water damage company that specializes in water removal for property owners in Carmel Indiana. We are experts in water damage restoration and specialize in helping our customers with water damage insurance claims.

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Our team is highly trained in water restoration and has all the necessary water removal equipment to respond to a flooded basement or crawlspace. When properties have significant water damage, water removal is a necessary step in the water restoration process.

We can help with any water damage you may be experiencing. We have extensive training in all areas of water damage restoration including water removal and extraction.

Restorex has worked with many property owners in Carmel, who have experienced significant flooding from excess rains or burst pipes. Water damage can occur anytime during the year and our water removal recovery pros are ready to respond. Whether the water damage you are experiencing is from storm damage or a plumbing issue we can help you resolve the source of the water and the resulting water damage.


Water removal, during a water restoration process, is accomplished using a combination of pumps and vacuums. The pumps and vacuums we use are specifically designed for water damage restoration and can remove lots of water from wet carpet, basements, and crawl spaces.


Submersible pumps are used in basements and crawl spaces when the water level has risen to multiple inches. The submersible pump is powered by the electric supply of the property and will be set in the pooling water. This is mostly found in flooded basements and flooded crawl spaces.

This is the fastest and most convenient way to remove large amounts of water in a home or business. We use submersible pumps that can pull the level of water down to half of an inch. This allows the pump to do a lot of the heavy lifting.


We also use variations of mobile vacuums for water removal for property owners in Carmel Indiana. We have a portable vacuum that uses a large wand to remove water from hard surfaces such as tile and concrete.

When a property has wet carpet and pad, we use a portable vacuum that is weight assisted and is designed specifically to pull water out of the carpet pad. This is one of the best vacuums to use from removing water from wet carpet and pad. The water extractor uses the weight of the user to push the water out of the carpet pad and two electric powered vacuums pull the water into the vacuum tank. Then a small pump will move the water into a nearby drain.


Category 3 water also known as sewage water, requires a special vacuum unit and storage tank. We have built a mobile trailer designed to remove Cat 3 water from a property and store in a large tank. After the water is in the tank, we can properly dispose of the sewage water.


Water removal recovery services are the first step during a water remediation or mitigation process. When there is a need for water removal most likely there is a need for structural drying. Removing bulk water from a property is the quickest and easiest way to begin the dry out process. But after the bulk water is removed, there is still water present in the property that only water damage drying equipment can remove.

The water damage drying equipment consists of dehumidifiers, fans, and heaters. The equipment is designed to remove the remaining moisture in the flooded property to avoid secondary damage such as mold and mildew. The drying process will last about 3 to 5 days depending on the severity of the water damage.


Basement water damage cleanups require the most amount of water removal. When a sump pump fails the water from the foundation wall has nowhere else to go but into the basement. This normally causes a substantial amount of water to flood a basement which requires water removal equipment.

Also, basements are normally finished with carpet and pad in Carmel Indiana. When carpet and pad are saturated with water, it requires weighted water extraction to properly dry the wet carpet. Our team will also extract the carpet even if we are removing it because it is not practical to remove carpet and pad that is dripping with water.
Wet carpet and pad can be extremely heavy, and we do not want water to spread in the unaffected areas of the home or business.


Water damage in Carmel can occur in many ways. The weather-related water damage occurs in the spring and fall due to heavy storms and the winter months due to cold temperatures.

During a heavy rainstorm, the amount of rainfall can cause many homes and businesses sump pumps to backup. The pumps at times either can pump out the water fast enough or they are overworked eventually fail. A strong windstorm can also cause a basement to flood when it knocks out local power lines. Without power, a sump pump will not be able to remove the water from the foundation and the water floods the basement.

In the really cold winter months, the temperatures can get as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. When this happens many property owners in Carmel can be vulnerable to frozen pipes. When a water pipe freezes and bursts this can cause a substantial amount of water damage to property. Ice storms can also be very hard on property owners. When ice freezes on power lines, it can cause power outages in the local area. When the HVAC system does not have power, the furnace is not able to heat the home until the power is turned back on. When this happens, the property can be susceptible to burst pipes from the extremely cold temperatures and the lack of heat.

Our team has seen just about every type of water damage in Carmel Indiana and have lots of experience working with Insurance Companies to get our emergency services covered. If you are experiencing water damage and need water removal services give us a call (317) 315-5071.

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Restorex offers emergency water removal services for customers in Carmel Indiana and the surrounding areas. Our water removal services are covered under a property owners insurance policy. The water extraction services are an essential step in the remediation process and are therefore covered in a water damage insurance claim.

Our highly trained team can work with your insurance adjuster to get all our emergency services covered paid by a water damage insurance claim.

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