Water Removal in Indianapolis, IN


Restorex Disaster Restoration is a water damage restoration company that specializes in water removal for customers who are experiencing significant water damage in Indianapolis Indiana.

Water removal is an essential step for a flooded property and Restorex has the expertise and equipment to help residential and commercial customers with emergency water removal services.

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Restorex is also an expert in working with water damage insurance claims. We can help you navigate the complicated insurance claims process and to ensure that our emergency water removal services as well as our other professional water damage restoration services are paid for by your insurance company.


Water removal is usually the first service in any water damage restoration process.

Restorex uses several different types of vacuums and pumps to remove water from buildings that have been affected by water damage. These include:

  • Submersible pumps
  • Gas-powered pumps
  • Portable vacuum
  • Weight assisted extraction
  • Trailer extraction unit

Each water removal method is needed for different circumstances.


We will use submersible pumps when the water level in property has reached approximately 1 inch. Submersible pumps can be one of the most efficient ways to remove the water because of the volume of water they can pump. They also only require a 110-volt power source and can pump the water level down to a ¼ of an Inch.

We will use a submersible pump for flooded basements and flooded crawl spaces. Many times, a flooded basement will have significant water damage because the sump pump has failed or backed up. When this happens water will drain from the basement foundation walls into the property from the sump pit. When a sump pump is working properly, it will remove the water outside the foundation of the home. But when it fails there is nothing to remove the water and it pools in the basement.

Now, if a licensed plumber is unable to replace the sump pump because of the flood conditions, we will use submersible pumps to pump the water level down so the plumber can replace the failed sump pump and the basement can be protected from future flooding.


Gas-powered pumps can pump a lot of water very quickly. The only issue with using a gas-powered pump is that it requires there to be a lot of standing water for it to be efficient. The pump needs to be primed at the beginning of the pumping, but once it is primed it will remove water better than any type of pump. If the water level dips below the suction hose, then the pump can get air in the line and lose its prime. If the pump is not properly primed, it will stop sucking water.

This is why we will only use a gas-powered pump in a crawlspace that has over 6 inches of water or a basement that has up to a foot of water. The gas-powered pump is relatively difficult to use in the field and it requires unique circumstances for it to be the best choice for water damage restoration. A gas-powered pump works best when there has been a water surge from a hurricane or a large rain event that has caused massive flooding in properties. These pumps excel at pumping water levels that are multiple feet high.


A portable vacuum is a unit that uses a standard 110-volt electric circuit and connects to a water removal wand. It works great at removing small amounts of water on commercial grade carpets or hard surface floors such as concrete or commercial grade tiles.

A portable vacuum is needed when the water level is low because the submersible pumps will not remove the water when the level is not high enough.


Weight assisted extraction removes water in residential carpet and pad. The vacuum wheel uses the weight of the water technician to push the water out of the pad and removes that water through the carpet.

Restorex uses an extreme extractor and vac-pack combo to remove water out of carpet and pad. These extractors do an excellent job of removing water from flooded basements. We are able to dry carpet and pad in place because of this water removal method.


The final way Restorex removes water is by using a trailer extraction unit. We built a custom vacuum and tank for removing water out of crawl spaces and removing category 3 water. This trailer gives us the options and ability to remove undesirable water from a property and properly dispose of it.

Category 3 water, also known as sewage water, requires special attention because of the contaminants in the water. We will use our trailer extraction unit also known as the super sucker for crawl spaces and sewage losses.


Emergency water removal is only one of the essential services on an Indianapolis water damage restoration project. After the water is cleaned up, most of the time, structural drying is needed to ensure the building does turn into a mold factory.

Restorex specializes in structural drying and has helped many customers in Indianapolis properly mitigate their water damage. We can remove the necessary water and also perform the dry out services a building owner needs to get their property back to its original condition.


Restorex is also able to complete structural repairs that occur from a result of significant water damage. We have expertise and knowledge to complete any necessary repairs. Water removal is always the first step in the process but there are several other services that will follow once the standing water is removed, structural drying, and water damage repairs need to be complete.

Our team at Restorex is highly trained in water damage restoration and has all the equipment and expertise to help you with advanced water inspections and water removal recovery. We serve all of Indianapolis with emergency water damage services.

If you need a highly trained water restoration company to help you with water removal, structural drying, and water damage repairs give us a call (317) 315-5071.

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