3 Secrets You Should Know
Before Placing a Water Damage Insurance Claim

Secret 1:  Know the Source of the Water Damage Before Calling the Insurance Company

***Important:  Have a professional Water Damage Expert Inspect and Assess the water damage before you call the Insurance Company.

The Insurance company will want to know the source of the water damage before they guarantee insurance coverage.  

The best way to avoid saying the wrong thing, is to get a professional water damage expert to inspect and assess the water damage, before you call your insurance company.

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Secret 2:  Do I have to Hire the Preferred Insurance Contractor? The Answer is No!

***Important:  The Property Owner chooses the Water Damage Contractor for their Home or Business….not the Insurance Company

Insurance preferred contractors are recommended, but at times demanded, by insurance providers.  Scare tactics, include, “we cannot guarantee coverage if you don’t use a Preferred Insurance Contractor…THIS IS NOT TRUE!.

We recommend choosing a Water Damage Contractor that has a good reputation for taking care of their customers. Compare the Preferred Contractor to other qualified Water Damage Contractors before you hire them.

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Secret 3:  Was your Water Damage “Accidental and All of Sudden”

***Important:  An Insurance Company will ask you Was Your Water Damage “Accidental and All of Sudden”….?  The Answer is Normally Yes!***

The Insurance Company will ask a series of questions…One of the questions is “Was your Water Damage Accidental and All of Sudden”…..Unless there is an obvious reason why it was not….The Answer Should Be Yes! 

If you need help with a water damage insurance claim and want to work with a local and reputable water damage contractor call Restorex Disaster Restoration.

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