Restorex Disaster Restoration helped a customer with water damage in Greenwood Indiana that was caused by a dishwasher. The water damage affected the kitchen floor and the basement ceiling below the kitchen.  Restorex was able to dry a wood sub-floor affected by water damage with a slate floor installed on top of it.  Below are some pictures of the water damage restoration process.


We made the decision to dry the slate floor in place after discussing the situation with the home owner and the insurance adjuster.  The slate floor was installed all through the kitchen, hallway, laundry room, and bathroom.  If we removed the small amount of slate that was affected, there was potential that all the flooring would have to be removed and replaced.  The home owner didn’t want to go through the demolition process and the insurance adjuster wanted to restore the water damage the most efficient way possible.

The multiple layered floor was approximately 2 in thick and the total affected area of floor was 100 square feet. We used a 220 volt heater and a plastic containment in the basement to provide the heat energy necessary to dry the water damage below the wood floor. We used a small electric heater and a small plastic containment upstairs in the Kitchen to provide heat from the top side of the slate.

We dried the kitchen floor for 5 days getting the temperature of as high as 134 degrees. These pictures show the equipment set up and a few readings during the water damage restoration process. We set stainless steel screws in the sub-floor approximately 3/4″ to read the surface between the sub-floor and concrete backer board, to ensure that we properly dried the floor all the way through. The moisture content started above 40 percent on our moisture meters but decreased to between 8 and 17 percent throughout the affected areas.



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