Insurance Referral Program


Restorex Disaster Restoration does not belong to any Insurance Preferred Contractor Programs or Third Party Administrator Organizations that refer water damage restoration companies.  (This being said we will work with all of our customer’s insurance companies).  We have joined a couple of these preferred programs in the past and have decided they were not mutually beneficial, but this was our own unique experience.

We don’t claim that all preferred contractor programs or third party administrator organizations are not good, we just didn’t have the best experience.  If you would like to read more about our opinions, read about preferred insurance contractors.



Restorex attempts to be agreeable with all of our customer’s insurance companies during the water damage restoration process.  The local insurance adjusting world is fairly small….so if we were burning bridges with local adjusters, eventually those adjusters would tell our customers not to use our services.

We do not go out of our way to market, advertise, or solicit to individual adjusters in our local area.  Our hope is, if we work well with our customers and their insurance company’s adjuster, then the adjuster may be willing to refer us in the future if one of their insureds needs a water damage restoration contractor.



Restorex uses Xactimate estimating software for all of our water mitigation and repair estimates.  Xactimate is good for the insurance water damage claim process because it gives our company and the insurance company a common pricing structure to begin the scoping process.

We use Xactimate’s pricing as a base point for determining scope and total cost, but at times the pricing may need to be adjusted based on different situations and circumstances.  Restorex specializes in handling insurance water damage claims for our customers.  Below are articles that can give some further information about things mentioned on this page.



The bottom line is, Restorex currently operates independently and is not bound to any Preferred Contractor Program or Third Party Administrator.  We are willing to work with any and all insurance companies.  If you are an Insurance Professional and would like to refer a water damage restoration company for your customers, pass our name and number along to them.

Our primary goal is to evaluate water damage situations in order to provide our customers with the best advice possible. Restorex does this by informing our customers about water damage and insurance so they can be part of the decision-making process.

We also do this by giving honest evaluations. This is different from other companies because the truth is not always what benefits us most, or what customers want to hear. Depending on the situation we can do the work, give free advice, or encourage the customer to look elsewhere for someone who can better fulfill their needs.

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