Flooded Basement Cleanup in Greenwood, IN

Greenwood, Indiana Flooded Basement Cleanup

Restorex has helped a lot of homeowners in Greenwood Indiana with flooded basement cleanup services.  Flooded basements usually occur when a sump pump backs-up or fails.  

This can happen for several reasons but when it does, Restorex has the water damage equipment and expertise to help you clean up the water and get the cost of the cleanup and repairs paid for by your insurance company.

Restorex has relationships with trustworthy local professional plumbers in Greenwood that can help you service or replace a basement sump pump.Greenwood Flooded Basement

Overcoming Basement Water Damage

The first step to overcoming basement water damage caused by a sump pump failure or backup is to call a licensed emergency service plumber to diagnose the problem.  Once the sump pump repair is made, most of the standing basement water will be removed by the sump pump replacement.    

Do you need a referral to a licensed Greenwood plumber? 

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If water damage is caused by another source, it is best to call a plumber first to fix the source before a Greenwood water damage company gets involved in the flood damage cleanup.

Mold growth can be common in basements.  Basements are prone to water damage and if a basement is “finished” there are building products that serve as great sources of food for mold.  Any wood-based building materials, when combined with water and the right temperature can support mold growth.  

This is why it is important to properly mitigate water damage in basements.  Restorex does provide professional emergency water cleanup services to customers experiencing basement water damage in Greenwood Indiana.


Water Damage Claims Process

Restorex specializes in water damage insurance claims and we can help you navigate the water damage claims process.  We are willing to work with all insurance companies and have experience working with all of the major insurance providers.

Flooded basement insurance coverage can differ from company to company.  It is always good to ask your insurance agent or insurance company these 3 things before you hire a water damage restoration company to help you with the flooded basement cleanup process. 

  1. How much is your deductible?
  2. Do I have sump pump backup or drain backup coverage? 
  3. Do I have any limits associated with my Insurance Coverage?  

Below are some articles that help answer some of the common questions our customers have about their water damage insurance coverage.


Reasons Water Damage Occurs in Basements

The most common way a basement floods is when a sump pump fails or backs up.  When a sump pump is about 3 to 5 years old it has a high possibility of failing.  If a sump pump fails during a heavy rainstorm, the water that is pushing on the basement walls has nowhere else to go except into the basement.

If you live in a large housing development in Greenwood, your basement sump pump may have to pump more water than an average house.  The housing development’s stormwater system can get overwhelmed because of heavy rain and the water being pumped away from the basement wall, by the sump pump, may flow right back into the ground because the stormwater system is full of rainwater.  

Also if the local power gets disrupted because of heavy winds or lightning, then the sump pump will not run properly and the water can back up into the basement.  

Some people have battery backups installed, but if the power is knocked out for a few hours usually the battery does not have enough stored power to keep pumping the excess water out of the basement.


Common Water Damage Problems in Greenwood

Other common water damage problems in Greenwood are caused by appliances and plumbing fixtures.  Water heaters, for example, are a very common cause of flooded basements and can cause significant water damage because they are pressurized by the main water line of the home. 

Copper water lines that are installed on exterior walls are also a cause of flooded basements because they can freeze and burst.  When a water line gets too cold in the winter it can freeze, which causes the water inside the pipe to expand.  Once the water expands it can burst or break the pipe and allow water to flow out of it.

If you have a washing machine in a basement, those appliances can overflow or fail to cause water damage in a basement.  The few things that cause water damage from a washing machine are a water line break, a drain line break or the washing machine overflows or fails.  

A cause of sewage damage in a basement is from a “sewage pump” failure also known as an injector pump.  If a basement has a toilet, sink, or shower the basement most likely will have an injector pump installed.  This pump is required to lift the sewage water or contaminated water out of the basement and into the Greenwood city sewer system.  

Sometimes a city’s sanitary sewer system and stormwater management system will be combined, which means that the rainwater collection and the sewer waste are contained in the same pipe when they flow to the town or city’s water treatment plant.  If this combined system is overwhelmed because of heavy rain, it is possible for this contaminated water to back up into homes that are connected to it.  This can cause a sewage backup in a basement.   


Wet Carpet in a Basement

A lot of finished basements in Greenwood Indiana have carpet and pad flooring.  When a basement has a wet carpet, it requires a large portable water extractor to remove the water from the carpet and pad.  

Restorex uses the best water extractor in the industry to remove water from the carpet and pad in a flooded basement. 

A common question is if the wet carpet is ruined and needs to be replaced.  It depends…

Carpet and pad can be dried out easily if you have removed most of the water and use the proper water damage drying equipment.  We are able to dry a lot of basement carpets in place which can give our customers options.  

Reasons carpet needs to be replaced:

  1. The carpet is de-laminated because of water damage
  2. Furniture stains on the carpet that cannot be removed
  3. Carpet is affected by sewage water
  4. Pad has a vapor barrier that does not allow good extraction
  5. Contaminants in the water causing the carpet to smell bad


Cost of Flooded Basement Cleanup

The cost of a flooded basement cleanup in Greenwood Indiana can range between 2500 to 5000 dollars for a standard finished basement.  

These Greenwood basements are between 800 and 1500 square feet and are finished with drywall, baseboards, carpeting, and other finishes including bathrooms and kitchens.  This cost estimate is only for the water mitigation or the water cleanup portion of the restoration process.  The water damage repairs are not included in this estimate.

Cleaning up a flooded basement on overtime hours will increase the price by about 1.5 times.  This means the cost will be between 3750 to 7500 dollars.  It will usually benefit the homeowner to wait and have a restoration company complete the cleanup process on normal time hours.  Insurance coverage for flooded basements usually has a limit of $10,000 – $15,000.

If you have a 1000 square foot basement and you hire a restoration contractor to work after 5 pm or on Saturday or Sunday, you will lose a lot of your budget cleaning up the water damage on overtime hours.  You may run out of money from your insurance coverage to make the water damage repairs and will have to pay extra out of pocket.

If you have an unfinished flooded basement the cost can range between 1000 – 2500 dollars.  We like to give customers free advice when cleaning up an unfinished flooded basement.  If a customer is willing to put in some sweat equity and buy a few pieces of drying equipment from a hardware store.  They can dry and clean their basement and save a lot of money.