Indianapolis Emergency Water Damage Restoration

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Making Your Home Warm and Dry Again

Whether the water in your Indianapolis-area home is from busted pipes or a serious flood, the effect is the same. Your home is a disaster. Sodden walls and carpet become breeding grounds for dangerous mold. Wooden floors and framing warp and crack. You need emergency water removal, and you need it fast.

Let Restorex come to your rescue. Our certified emergency water damage restoration experts are available 24/7. We can handle your emergency water cleanup, and a whole lot more.

When you work with Restorex, you can be assured that your emergency water damage won’t be the end of your budget.

Our Team Can Help You With:

Emergency Water Extraction – When you have several inches of standing water in your house, getting it out is often not an easy process. Our technicians have the pumps and extraction equipment to remove excess water from your home, and get you on the path to repair and restoration.

Structural Drying – Our industrial grade fans, dehumidifiers, and heaters can help speed your emergency cleanup, and quickly remove excess moisture that has been absorbed into house’s structure.

Demolition – When your walls and structures can’t be saved, our team can do clean and efficient demolition, to give you a fresh start.

Sewage Clean Up – Like mold remediation, the proper clean-up of sewage can be the difference between having a habitable home, or a home that is a breeding ground for disease. We can provide the professional sanitation services you need to salvage your home.

Emergency Demolition – When mold, sewage or water damage requires that structural demolition occur, our team of construction experts can remove structural materials quickly and efficiently so that your home restoration project progresses on schedule.

When you work with Restorex, you can be assured that your emergency water damage won’t be the end of your budget. Our locally based team pulls all their estimates from an insurance national database, working from national averages to create their project price list. So, no matter what the extent of your emergency restoration project, you can be assured you won’t run into extra charges that aren’t covered by your insurance. In fact, in most cases, we work directly with the insurance company. Most of our customers only pay their deductible out of pocket.

Quality workmanship and superior service. That is the Restorex mission in emergency restoration services. After all, what we are selling most is Peace of Mind. Let us help make your house feel like your home again.

Emergency Service Available

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and deliver emergency response for all services. We secure damaged property quickly and efficiently.