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Will My Insurance Company Pay for a Hotel?


Will My Insurance Company Pay for a Hotel during a Water Restoration Project at my Home?

Have you ever dealt with water damage in your home? If not, ask someone who has. They will tell you it can be a very invasive experience. The way Restorex Disaster Restoration dries out properties is by using a combination of heat and air movement, which can be uncomfortable if this is in your main living spaces.

Typically, rooms affected by water damage in a home can be as hot as 85 or 90 degrees, while 5 to 8 air movers blow loudly in the background. If that area is in your basement no sweat, pun intended. Just close the door and carry on with your daily routines. If the damage affects your main living area, (Like your kitchen…) it can be a lot more uncomfortable.


Insurance Company’s Point of View

Your insurance company understands that during a water damage mitigation you are inconvenienced. If our company foresees that conditions are going to be too uncomfortable, we will discuss getting a hotel room with our customer.

Some people don’t want to leave, and if they’re willing to ride out the hurricane-like conditions, more power to them.

However, if a customer would prefer to stay in a hotel during the dryout, that option is available to them. It’s as easy as reaching out to the insurance adjuster to explain the situation and get approval.


Hotel During Water Damage Bottom Line

To be honest it often works out better for both the homeowner and our company when the house is vacated. In those cases, Restorex can do the work necessary to cleanup and dryout the property without worrying about inconveniencing the occupants.

In turn, the customer can avoid the temperature and noise of our drying equipment slowly driving them toward a mental breakdown.

NOTE: The insurance company will not pay for you to stay at the Ritz Carlton if we have 4 fans and a dehumidifier in 1 of your bedrooms. Hotel stays are only approved during “significant” water damage situations.

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