Does Insurance Cover Water Damage Caused by a Washing Machine?

Yes. a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy does cover Water Damage Caused by a Washing Machine…

A Washing Machine can either overflow, supply lines break lose, or the drain line can be misplaced…. either way you are covered for water damage from a Washing Machine.


Washing Machine Overflow

Washing machine overflow or leaking is another common way water damage is caused by a washing machine.  This can be a manufacturer’s issue and covered by warranty.

Many times our customers will place a homeowners claim with their insurance company and then the insurance company can work to collect from the manufacturer if they are at fault.


Supply Lines Break

We see a lot of homeowners who can accidentally break a supply line when they are moving a washing machine or the drain line is not secured when it is installed.   Many service providers do not like taking supply lines off washing machines for this reason.

CPVC pipes are common water pipes that have issues with cracking because after awhile the pipes get brittle and are very fragile.  If you twist them too hard they can have the potential to break.


Misplaced Washing Machine Drain Line

A misplaced drain line is another way water damage is caused by a washing machine.  Many times an installer will use a zip tie or another fastening device to ensure the drain line will stay in place.  When the drain line is not installed properly, washing machine will discharged the water after the cycle instead of the water entering a drain it will flow onto the floor.

Regardless how the water damage occurs by a washing machine, it will be covered by a homeowners insurance policy.  The Insurance Company will cover the Emergency Water Mitigation Services and Repairs up to policy limits.

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