Does Insurance Cover Water Damage Caused by a Bathtub Overflow?

Yes…. a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy does cover Water Damage Caused by a Bathtub Overflow.

A bathtub overflow is the not the most common type of water damage we see, but these accidents do happen.  When a homeowner has a bathtub overflow, it is important to understand the reasons for the overflow.

When a bathtub overflows, it can be considered an Accidental Overflow, which provides insurance coverage up to the limit of the policy, or a Drain Backup, which normally has limited insurance coverage.

It is important we a homeowner is experiencing this type of water damage to get a professional water remediation contractor involved to inspect and assess the source of the water damage before you call your insurance company.  It is also important to get a licensed plumber to evaluate the source and reason for the bath overflow.

We say this from experience. Many homeowners are in a panic when they are dealing with a water disaster and when they are talking to their insurance company, may not understand all in’s and outs of the claim process, coverages or what is actually happening in their home.

A professional water damage company can help them understand these details so they can properly relay the message.

They may say one wrong thing and the insurance representative could misunderstand the homeowner and deny them coverage unjustly.

Drain Back Up vs Accidental Overflow

A Drain backup is a common type of water damage found in basements or a lower level of a home.  When heavy rains cause sewer systems to back up or if there is a clog in a main drain line, these are common drain back up scenarios.  Flooded basements caused by sump pump backups also fall into this category.

A drain back up is normally limited in coverage.  It is common to see $5000, $10000 or $25000 in coverage for a drain backup.

Accidental overflow is when a drain is broken or accidentally covered due to a mistake.  This can cause a lot of water to flow out of a toilet, sink or bathtub resulting in significant water damage.  An accidental overflow has coverage up to the limits of the policy.  This is much better coverage than a Drain Backup.



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