Sewage Cleanup in Carmel, IN

Carmel Sewage Cleanup

Restorex Disaster Restoration is a local water damage restoration company that can help customers with sewage cleanups at their properties in Carmel Indiana. We are experts in water damage and specialize in water damage insurance claims.

If you need help with a sewage cleanup at your property in Carmel Indiana and need help working with your insurance company give us a call (317) 315-5071.

Our team is very professional, when working in our customers homes and businesses. We ensure to value your property contents and to make sure we communicate everything that will be happening during the remediation and mitigation process. Anytime a property owner is experiencing a sewage loss or category 3 water loss it can be overwhelming to say the least. It also can be very stressful to work with the claims department of an insurance company while experiencing a water disaster.

Restorex takes the time to explain to our customers the scope of their water damage and the process that will occur to clean up the damage and repair the property back to its pre-loss conditions.

Causes of Sewage Water Damage

Sewage Damage refers to a specific type of water damage. In the restoration and mitigation industry, sewage damage is called category 3 water damage. Any water that spills out from beyond the trap of the toilet or sink and any water that backs up from a drain line or comes out of a broken drain line is also considered to be category 3 water damage.

The last source of category 3 water is from all forms of flooding from seawater, rising water from rivers or streams, and other contaminated water entering or affecting the indoor environment such as wind driven rain from hurricanes, tropical storms, or other weather related events.

Property owners in Carmel do not experience hurricanes but they do have heavy rains that can cause flooded basements from drain backups or drain line failures.

Common Sources of Category 3 Water Damage in Carmel Homes

The common sources of Categroy 3 water damage are below:

  • Toilet Overflowing
  • Washing Machine overflow
  • Water softener leaking or discharge line overflow
  • Clogged Drain line in a bathroom
  • Sink overflowing
  • Bathtub overflowing
  • Broken PVC drain pipe in a bathroom
  • Basement Drain backup
  • Broken main drain pipe from tree roots in the yard
  • Flooding from creeks or ponds into basement walls or windows
  • Walk out basement floods through doors or windows

These causes of Sewage Damage in a home usually are related to plumbing issues in the home or business. It is always important to use a licensed plumber to get the issue resolved before being the cleanup process.

Restorex works with many local licensed plumbers in Carmel Indiana to help customers fix their broken drain pipes or unclog bathroom plumbing. If you need a referral to a good professional plumber in Carmel Indiana give us a call (317) 315-5071.

Sewage Cleanup Steps

Restorex is a professional water mitigation company that specializes in helping customers overcome significant water damage, including sewage cleanups. We also are experts at helping customers work with their insurance companies to get the damage covered.

Below are the steps for cleaning up Category 3 water damage:

  1. Sewage Damage Inspection
  2. Removal of Category 3 water and contaminants
  3. Removal of affected Building Materials
  4. Disinfecting of the affected Surfaces
  5. Drying of the Structure
  6. Restoration of the affected areas


Sewage Damage Inspection

The initial sewage damage inspection can be quick and easy. Normally we will do an in person visual inspection to determine the significance of the damage and advise our customers if they should place an insurance claim or not.
If the damage is not enough to justify a claim, we will give an estimate of the cost to clean it up.

During the inspection we will try to determine the source of the water damage. This is important for a few reasons:

  • It is important to know the source, to determine if there will be insurance coverage for the damage
  • A plumber will need to fix the source before a full remediation cleanup begins
  • It also helps us determine the scope of the water damage knowing where the water originated


Removal of Category 3 Water and Contaminants

The removal of category 3 water is not as easy as extracting clean water from a home or business. Mainly because the water needs to be disposed of properly disposed.

If there is a sanitary drain in the property, that would be the preferable method of removing the category 3 water, but if there is not an accessible drain in the area, a large storage tank is needed to hold the contaminated water until a waste removal company can properly dispose of the water.

Restorex has built a trailer that is specifically designed to remove sewage water from flooded crawl spaces and basements. The extractor removes the water from the property and dumps it into a 300-gallon tank that is mounted to a trailer. Then the water can be properly disposed of by a waste removal company.

Removal of affected Building Materials

The porous building materials that are contaminated by category 3 water will need to be removed during the cleanup process. In a typical Carmel basement flood cleanup, the building materials that will be removed include: Carpet and pad, Drywall, Baseboards, Vanities, Casings, Door Frames, Doors, Insulation, Vinyl tiles, etc.

During the removal process the structure will normally be stripped to the bare structural members. In a wood framed house this includes: the wood subfloor or concrete slab and two by four stud walls. When the materials are removed the remaining structure is disinfected and cleaned.

Disinfecting of the Affected Surfaces

Once the affected building materials are removed the remaining structure is exposed, it will be cleaned and disinfected. If there are still solids or contaminants they will be washed and cleaned using hot water and an extractor.

When all the visible solids are removed, the area will be sprayed with a disinfectant. We prefer using a product called Benefect. It is a plant-based disinfectant, that is very safe and effective at disinfecting anything that is in category 3 water.

Drying of the Structure

After the structure has been properly cleaned and disinfected, it needs to be dried back to its original moisture content to avoid potential rot, decay, or mold. The drying process will last about three to five days.

The water damage drying equipment is a combination of dehumidifiers, fans, and heaters. Additional equipment used in a sewage cleanup process include a negative air scrubber and hydroxyl generator to remove any contaminants that may be put in the air during the structural drying.

Restoration of the Affected Areas

When the structure has been properly dried, the restoration can begin. This is the stage when all the building materials that were removed will be replaced with like kind and like quality.

If the damage is being covered in an insurance claim this process may be delayed for the insurance adjuster and restoration contractor to get a repair estimate approved and settled. Once a repair estimate is approved and the money is available the water damage repairs can begin, and the property can return to its pre-loss condition.

Sewage Damage in a Flooded Crawlspace

When a drainpipe fails in a crawlspace, it can cause a lot of damage mostly because the homeowner does not recognize it until it has started to cause bad odor in the house. This can sometimes go on for weeks before the problem is noticed.
Sewage damage in a crawlspace can be a significant claim and normally it will require an insurance claim to get the damage properly mitigated and cleaned. It also can be a juggling act to get to the area cleaned up because a plumber needs to fix the broken PVC drainpipe before the cleanup begins but most of the time the plumber won’t fix the pipe until there is a clean area to work.

Typically, we will coordinate with the homeowner and plumber to get a small area cleaned so the pipe can be properly fixed. Then the homeowner can use their plumbing again while the remaining contaminants are cleaned up.

Personal Contents Affected by Sewage Damage

When personal contents such as furniture, clothes, or family heirlooms are affected by Category 3 water it can be very traumatic.


Many times, fabric furniture is considered to be unrestorable due to the porous nature of the fabric and cloth. The hard surface furniture such as hardwood chairs and tables can be disinfected and refinished if necessary.


Clothes can be sent to a dry cleaner to be properly washed and disinfected. The clothes that are affected need to be properly washed to remove any contaminants.

Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are probably one of the hardest items to properly disinfect especially if they are porous products. They are special treatments that can disinfect extremely valuable or priceless items, but these are done only in special circumstances.

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If you are experiencing an emergency plumbing problem and need a plumber who will respond quickly, we also have good relationships with many local service plumbers who can make emergency service calls.

Restorex can coordinate our emergency cleanup services around the plumber’s schedule to ensure a quick response to your water disaster. We are highly trained in helping customers overcome significant sewage and flood damage. We are very prompt and professional. We are cleaning and mitigating water damage in our customers homes.

We understand that our customers’ home is one of the largest investments they have made, and we treat it with the utmost respect. If you need help with a sewage cleanup in Carmel Indiana give us a call (317) 315-5071.