Burst Pipes in Greenwood, IN

How To Fix Burst Pipes and Who To Call

Restorex Disaster Restoration is a local water damage restoration company that can help you with frozen burst pipes in Greenwood Indiana.

If you need immediate assistance with emergency services give us a call (317) 315-5071!  

We specialize in helping customers recover from the chaos.  Restorex can work with your insurance company to cover the costs of the water cleanup and repairs.  

We use Xactimate estimating software to complete all of our water mitigation and repair estimates. 

Common Water Damage Insurance Questions?

Do you need a professional licensed plumber to help you fix a burst pipe?  Restorex works with many reliable greenwood emergency service plumbers that can help you with your plumbing repairs before you hire a water damage restoration specialist.  


Steps for Fixing a Burst Pipe


Step 1: Plumbing Repair 

It is very important to immediately get the broken pipe fixed.  Restorex does not complete these plumbing repairs but can refer a plumbing expert to help get the water pipe repaired so that we can begin to help with the water damage cleanup. 

Step 2: Emergency Services

Safety and cleanliness are important for the water damage restoration process.  Many times a frozen pipe can cause ceilings to collapse leaving drywall debris on the floor or hanging from the ceiling.  Once the initial cleaning and debris removal is completed we can begin removing standing water and investigating the extent of the water damage.   

Step 3: Water Removal  

If there is standing water on the floors or on the carpet, we will use our portable water extractors to remove the excess water from the home.  

Step 4: Building Material Removal Services

If there are building materials in the house that are unable to be dried out or saved during the water mitigation, we will remove them at this time.  Many materials that can be ruined when affected by water damage are laminate flooring, particleboard cabinets, buckled hardwood floors, and potentially ceramic tile floors (if the subfloor is plywood).

Step 5: Drying 

During this part of the process, the water damage drying equipment is set, in order to dry the home back to its original moisture content.  

Once the home has been dried properly during the water mitigation, the home is no longer at risk for secondary damage such as mold growth. 

Step 6: Water Damage Repairs.  

This is the part of the restoration where the replacement building materials are installed and the house is returned to its pre-loss conditions. 


Common Water Damage Problems in Greenwood

Frozen and burst pipes typically occur during the winter in Greenwood.  When the cold weather hits central Indiana and the temperature gets below 10˚ Fahrenheit many homes can be at risk for this type of water damage.  

Copper pipes are common sources for burst pipes.  The copper water lines are good thermal conductors and when exposed to very cold temperatures can freeze the water in the line causing the pipe to burst.  The water only begins to flow when the frozen pipe thaws on its own.    

Areas of the home that are most vulnerable for a water pipe burst are water pipes installed in exterior walls, crawl spaces near a vent, installed near basement foundation walls or water lines that are installed in garage ceilings.


Frozen Burst Pipe Insurance Coverage

The damage from a frozen burst pipe can be substantial, which is why many homeowners who experience this type of water damage will place a claim with their insurance company.  

The good news is this type of water damage is almost always covered under a homeowner’s policy because it is accidental and all of sudden.  Water damage caused by burst water pipes are also covered up to the limit of the policy, so typically there aren’t issues with limited insurance coverage.  

A reason the damage would not be covered is if the heat was not running in the home due to not paying the gas bill or turning the unit off by the homeowner.  If the insurance company decides that the heat was not running in the home due to the decision of the property owner they may not cover the damage.  

But if the heating emergency was caused due to the furnace malfunctioning or the home loses power due to frozen power lines, then these are issues outside of the control of the customer and they will cover the damages. 


Water Damage Specialists

Restorex Disaster Restoration is compiled of water damage specialists that can help any home or business owner overcome their property damage from broken water pipes.  

We have local professional partners in Greenwood to cover all the emergency services needed to restore and replace any damaged item of the structure.  This includes plumbing services, heating systems, and electrical panels and circuit breakers.

Our team members are experts in water damage restoration and very skilled in navigating our customers through the insurance claims process.  We want to help homeowners and families recover as safely and efficiently as possible from their water damage.   

If you want to hire a water damage restoration specialist to help you overcome your water disaster give us a call (317) 315-5071.

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