Does Insurance Cover Water Damage Caused by a Water Heater?

Yes, a Homeowners Insurance Policy does cover Water Damage caused by a Water Heater… A water heater is a common way water damage is caused in residential homes.  Many times this type of water damage will be found in a mechanical room, normally found in a basement or garage.

Before placing a water damage insurance claim its important understand the true source of the water damage. The insurance company will also ask if the damage was accidental and all of sudden.  We always recommend talking with a professional water damage contractor before calling an insurance company to make sure you have your ducks in a row.

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How Does the Water Heater Fail?

Typically the bottom of the unit will rust and fall out. When this happens water will continue to flow out of the unit until the water supply is turned off.  A water heater will last usually about 6 years to 7 years just beyond the standard water heater warranty.

The insurance coverage is not limited, except to the total amount of the insurance policy.


Will the Insurance Company Pay for Remediation Services?

The Insurance Company will cover the Emergency Water Mitigation Services and Repairs.  Any qualified mitigation or remediation company will know how to write their estimates and invoices in Xactimate in order to submit them to your Insurance adjuster.  Restorex provides water damage restoration services to all customers in Central Indiana.

The only out of pocket expense for the property owner is the Insurance deductible and the cost to replace water heater.  The insurance company will not replace the source or cause of the water damage.  This is one of the unique ways homeowners insurance works.


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