Lawrence Flooded Basement Cleanup


Lawrence Flooded Basement Cleanup

Restorex has helped a lot of home owners in Lawrence Indiana with flooded basement cleanups.  Flooded basements usually occur when a sump pump backs-up or fails.  This can happen for several reasons but when it does, Restorex has the water damage equipment and expertise to help you clean up the water and get the cost of the cleanup and repairs paid for by your insurance company.


Flooded Basement Insurance Coverage

Restorex specializes in water damage insurance claims and we can help you navigate the water damage claims process.  We are willing to work with all insurance companies and have experience working with all of the major insurance providers.

Flooded basement insurance coverage can differ from company to company.  It is always good to ask your insurance agent or insurance company how much is your deductible, do I have sump pump backup or drain backup coverage and do I have any limits associated with my coverage.  These are 3 things you will want to know before you hire a water damage restoration company to help you with the cleanup process.

Below are some articles that help answer some the common questions our customers have about their water damage insurance coverage.


Lawrence Indiana Flooded Basement Cleanup


Restorex Disaster Restoration

Restorex is a small, local, family owned water damage company servicing Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our staff, of 7 employees, is very accessible and has over 30 years of experience in the industry. We specialize in working with customers dealing with water damage through the insurance claims process.

Our primary goal is to evaluate water damage situations in order to provide our customers with the best advice possible. Restorex does this by informing our customers about water damage and insurance so they can be part of the decision-making process.

We also do this by giving honest evaluations. This is different from other companies because the truth is not always what benefits us most, or what customers want to hear. Depending on the situation we can do the work, give free advice, or encourage the customer to look elsewhere for someone who can better fulfill their needs.


Basement Water Damage

Water damage occurs in basements for several different reasons.  The most common way a basement floods is when a sump pump fails or backs up.  When a sump pump is about 3 to 5 years old it has a high possibility of failing.  If a sump pump fails during a heavy rainstorm, the water that is pushing on the basement walls has no where else to go except into home.

Sometimes the sump pump may be working just fine, but due to the excessive rain, usually 2 inches in an hour, the pump cannot keep up with all of the water coming into the sump pit and it backs up into the basement.  A sump pump also can be working mechanically, but the float mechanism that tells the pump to turn on and off can be stuck on debris in the pit and therefore not working properly.  When this happens the pump is never triggered to pump and the water can flood the basement.

The final scenario is if the local power gets disrupted because of heavy winds or lightning.  If the house loses power, then the sump pump will not run properly and the water again can back up into the basement.  Some people have battery backups installed, but if the power is knocked out for a few hours usually the battery does not have enough stored power to keep pumping the excess water out of the basement.


Cost of Flooded Basement Cleanup

The cost of a flooded basement cleanup can range between 2500 to 5000 dollars for a standard finished basement.  These basements are between 800 and 1500 square feet and are finished with drywall, baseboards, carpeting, and other finishes including bathrooms and kitchens.  This cost estimate is only for the water mitigation or the water cleanup portion of the restoration process.  The water damage repairs are not included in this estimate.

Cleaning up a flooded basement on overtime hours will increase the price by about 1.5 times.  This means the cost will be between 3750 to 7500 dollars.  It will usually benefit the home owner to wait and have a restoration company complete the cleanup process on normal time hours.  Insurance coverage for flooded basements usually have a limit of $10,000 – $15,000.

If you have a 1000 square foot basement and you hire a restoration contractor to work after 5 pm or on Saturday or Sunday, you will lose a lot of your budget cleaning up the water damage on overtime hours.  You may run out of money from your insurance coverage to make the water damage repairs and will have to pay extra out of pocket.

If you have an unfinished flooded basement the cost can range between 1000 – 2500 dollars.  We like to give customers free advice when cleaning up an unfinished flooded basement.  If a customer is willing to put in some sweat equity and buy a few pieces of drying equipment from a hardware store.  They can dry and cleanup their basement and save a lot of money.


Restorex serves Customers in Lawrence Indiana

Lawrence is a city in Marion CountyIndiana, United States. It is one of four “excluded cities” in Marion County. The city is home to Fort Benjamin Harrison within Fort Harrison State Park. The population was 47,550 at the 2014 census. The city is on the northeast side of Indianapolis and is currently growing at twice the rate of the rest of Indiana.

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